Technical Specifications
Most Products
Housing : Nylon
Rocker : Nylon / Poly Carbonate
Current carrying parts : Brass Silver/Tin Platted / Phosphorus Bronze
Contact parts : Copper Silver Platted / Silver Alloy / Phosphorus Bronze / Brass Silver / Tin Platted
Electrical Life (operations) : >10,000, many >50,000
(contact company for more details)
Flame Retardancy : V2
Operating Temperature Range : -10C to 85C
Salt water test :

10 Days dipping,
then tested at 1,500 volts

High Voltage Test : AC 1,500 V @ 1 Minute
Voltage Illuminated Switches : 240V AC, 120 V AC and 12 V DC
Housing : All Colors
Rocker : All Colors
Transparent lenses /
Illuminated Switches :
Red, Green, Yellow
(other colors also available on request)
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Colors in the catalog may vary than actual colors in the switches

All kind of legend printing available

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Custom built products also Available.